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The Ties That Bind is Brian Holmes’ flagship teaching that has transformed the lives of thousands of people throughout the United States and the world. In 2004, Brian taught a 6-part seminar at his church on ‘The Ties That Bind – Identifying and Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties’. Never could he have anticipated the response he would receive, nor was he prepared for the far reaching impact it would have. Over the last 5 years, Brian has delivered this powerful teaching in numerous cities and countries, and personally considers it a primary part of God’s assignment for his life.

The LIVE, 2 or 3 day intensive format continues to prove to be watershed moment for every church/organization that hosts it in their city. Countless lives have been transformed; thousands have experienced healing they never dreamed possible, and men and women across the globe are being liberated from the limitations of the past.

Since 2000, Brian and Sabrina Holmes had been on a journey of personal healing. Through their own brokenness, God was leading them on a journey of discovery, understanding, and ultimately freedom. Freedom from the past; freedom from old wounds and hurts; freedom to forgive; and yes, freedom from ‘The Ties That Bind’.


Each seminar includes 6 teaching sessions and appropriate breaks:

2 Day Format:

  • Friday Night   7:00PM – 9:00PM
  • Saturday        9:00AM – 1:00PM

3 Day Format:

  • Thursday Night   7:00PM – 9:00PM
  • Friday Night        7:00PM – 9:00PM
  • Saturday             9:00AM – Noon


  1. An Introduction To Soul Ties
  2. Relational Soul Ties
  3. Covenants, Vows, Allegiances, and Alliances
  4. Understanding the Process of Breaking Soul Ties
  5. Sexual Soul Ties
  6. Identifying and Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties

Endorsements and Recommendations

Please take time to read/listen to the following letters of recommendation from leaders who have, themselves, hosted or been directly impacted by ‘The Ties That Bind’.

Bishop Tudor Bismark

Dear Bishops and Pastors,

I do not often write such letters, but it is my desire to make you aware of a ministry, which would be a significant benefit to your church.

For the last 18 years, Brian Holmes has faithfully served our ministry as Vice President and Director. He and his wife have been pastoring in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for almost 12 years, and are very familiar with the challenges pastors face in bringing solid gifts to their churches. Their particular ministry is characterized by a special grace in the area of ‘healing the broken soul of man. Their personal testimony and their vast experience in bringing both revelation and application to these areas have resulted in incredible transformation and freedom.

A few years ago, God gave Brian a powerful teaching called, ‘The Ties That Bind’. This training deals with identifying and breaking unhealthy and ungodly soul ties, and has impacted thousands as Brian has delivered it in churches all over the United States and the world. While this training has a direct impact on the individuals they minister to, it also has a far reaching impact on the activation and release of those saints in their areas of purpose, which translates into the church engaging on new and greater levels.

Having been a part of Brian and Sabrina’s spiritual covering for many years, and knowing them as I do on such a personal and professional level, I can say that this message is where God has them focused, and their ministry will positively change the trajectory of your church and the lives of all who hear it.

I want to personally ask you to consider having Brian Holmes come to your church/ministry in 2015 to conduct ‘The Ties That Bind’ Live Intensive Seminar.  I am confident that this visit will prove to be more than a blessing, and will bear great fruit in your church/ministry for the future.


Bishop Tudor Bismark
Jabula – New Life Ministries
Harare, Zimbabwe

Dr Mark Chironna
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Bishop Adrian Starks

The Ties That Bind is a gift from God that has immensely blessed our local assembly, and I know it will bless your church, ministry, or company as well. Not only do I endorse Brian Holmes and this practical, powerful teaching, but heaven endorses him as well.

Bishop Adrian F. Starks
World Vision International Christian Center
Greensboro, NC

Pastors Jasper and Linda Hughes
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Brian Holmes (and the Strategic Living Institute) has developed a financial model for our ‘Live Intensives’ that meets the financial needs of SLI, as well as allowing the sponsoring organization the opportunity to cover all their expenses in hosting the meeting. Each event is structured specifically for the host organization, within the parameters set by Brian Holmes and the Strategic Living Institute.

Each participant’s registration includes:

  • Access to ‘The Ties That Bind’ Intensive Weekend Encounter
  • One copy of ‘The Ties That Bind’  (Book)
  • One copy of ‘The Ties That Bind’  (Personal Study Guide)
  • Special Product Discounts

To inquire about hosting a ‘Ties That Bind’ Intensive Encounter Weekend in your city, please complete the FORM below, or contact our offices at 469.272.7300

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