This comprehensive DISC profile tool is used to determine personality styles for use in counseling (marriage, family, pastoral and individual), human resource management and professional consulting. Perfect for an aide in hiring, developing an effective and cohesive team, leadership training, and many others. This profile identifies an individual’s personality style, D, I, S, or C by using a simple 24-question profile (takes only 7-minutes!) and helps provide understanding to the differences in people, providing a personal review of each individual’s strengths and limitations, and gives an action plan to improve relationships. This profile utilizes three-graph analysis.

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The Spiritual Gifts Inventory is unique in that the focus is not only in assessing spiritual gifting, but also in finding ways to use the gifting to assist in practical, hands-on service and ministry.  Twenty gifts are assessed and once the gifting and motivation are clearly determined, over 300 possible areas of service are listed to help individuals find an area where they can serve in their church.

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VALUES : The Values Style Profile helps us understand our internal value system which we use daily to make judgments about tasks, relationships, issues, events, and goals. The difference between your personality and values is that personality has been formed over your life’s experiences. Personality may change over time or be modified to meet a particular environment. Values are different. We have aptly added to the Values Profile the subtitle of “Your Invisible Motivators.” Values are ingrained; they run deep in a person’s being.

TEAM : Measure the internal, natural role that a person will play on a team, and what their most effective role will be. The TEAMS Thinking Style report describes the role, key value to the team, core strengths, and potential limitations for each TEAMS style.

Use The TEAMS Thinking Style Profile in conjunction with The Personality System and The Values Style Profile as a complete battery for use in hiring, team building, relationship development, goal setting and career planning for a comprehensive analysis.

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