Building Your Platform … Taking Your Mountain

Everyone of us is designed by God to make a difference in this world. You might be an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker, or just a person who has a life message you want to share with others. Your destiny is to touch others with the uniqueness and power of what you carry; what you possess. How do we do this? How do we reach the masses? How do we build that business? How do we sell that product? How do we publish that book? How do we get our message to more people … the right people?

The answer … You Must Build Your Platform!

platform-conference2Last year, I had the privilege of attending The Platform Conference with Michael Hyatt and Ken Davis. This conference was a major turning point for me in my work. For years, I have attended conferences all over the world, most of which were designed to pump us up, get us excited, and if we were lucky, inspire us. While these kinds of conferences have their place, I have often wondered what it would look like to get a number of people together in a room, all of which had a deep desire to make a difference in their world, and participate in a conference that was designed to train, equip, provide tools and strategies, and ultimately produce real results. That is what happened for me at the Platform Conference.

If you have a message, a product, a business, or simply an idea that you want to see out there, then you owe it to yourself to attend the Platform Conference in 2013! If you want to learn how to effectively build a platform from which you can launch your idea or business, than this is a meeting you will want to invest in. If you want to ‘take your mountain’, and be an influencer in your field of expertise, then I encourage you to check out what Michael and Ken have to offer.

Because of my relationship with Michael and his group, I have been given the privilege of offering a $100 discount to all of our friends. To take advantage of this offer, please vision the Platform Conference website, and if you decide to make the leap, be sure to enter the special offer code ‘HOLMES’, and you will receive $100 off the normal registration price.

I look forward to seeing you there!