New Beginnings – Online Course

New Beginnings

Coming Soon  (Spring of 2015)


The ‘New Beginnings Seminar’ was introduced in 2014, and immediately, we realized how powerful and life changing it was. In this seminar, our objective is to lead the participant through a 4-Step Process that will ultimately represent a new beginning in their life. This seminar is not about a new year, or starting over, or a fresh chance at something, it is about ‘New Beginnings’. We are not interested in regurgitating the results of yesterday, or repeating the cycles of the past. There are four key areas we address in powerful ONLINE training. They can be previewed in the presentation outline below.


Presentation Outline

What You Can Expect

  • Powerful moments in the presence of the Father
  • Complete release from everything that has been holding you back
  • Insight and clarity concerning your destiny and future
  • Your dreams awakened and a clear vision for your way forward
  • Prophetic Activation and supernatural access into your next season