New Beginnings – LIVE Seminar

New Beginnings


The ‘New Beginnings Seminar’ was introduced in 2014, and immediately, we realized how powerful and life changing it was. In this seminar, our objective is to lead the participant through a 4-Step Process that will ultimately represent a new beginning in their life. This seminar is not about a new year, or starting over, or a fresh chance at something, it is about ‘New Beginnings’. We are not interested in regurgitating the results of yesterday, or repeating the cycles of the past. There are four key areas we address in this 1-Day training. They can be previewed in the presentation outline below.

 Presentation Outline.

Healing the Broken Soul
1. Letting Go of The Past. Before one can truly engage a new beginning, they must successfully reconcile the past. Many people ‘move on’ in life, but find themselves stuck or repeating cycles because of past hurts, disappointments, failures, and beliefs. In this session, we help the participant identify areas where the past is limiting their forward progress, and lead them to a place of releasing, burying, and fully reconciling the books as it relates to yesterday.


Healing the Broken Soul
2. Awakening The Dream Within You. Every man and woman has at some point in their life dreamed a dream. But then, life happens. We become wrapped up in making a living; we ‘try’ and fail; someone tells us that our dream is not valid or impossible; or maybe our own insecurities or feelings of inadequacies overwhelm us, and we disqualify ourselves before we even begin. In this session, I share a process that will awaken the dream, and fuel the burning desire you have to fulfill it.


Healing the Broken Soul
3. Write The Vision … Make It Plain.  Once an individual has reconciled the past, and identified and awakened the dreams within them, THEN he/she must take the time to develop a strategic plan to execute the dream. This involves taking inventory of what you have; identifying the resources you will need that you don’t currently possess; writing a clearly articulated vision for 1, 3, 5, and more years; and determining the steps you can take in the next 30 days to move the plan forward.


Healing the Broken Soul
4. Prophetic Activation. Our last session involves what I call, ACTIVATION. There is a Biblical principle of activation and sending that is so important. When an ambassador is commissioned to go and represent their country, they are ceremonially charged and sent with the blessing and the authority of the sender. This is what we will do. This time will be a calling out, a charging, and a commissioning of each individual to go out and perform THAT which God has given them to do.

What You Can Expect

  • Powerful moments in the presence of the Father
  • Complete release from everything that has been holding you back
  • Insight and clarity concerning your destiny and future
  • Your dreams awakened and a clear vision for your way forward
  • Prophetic Activation and supernatural access into your next season

Target Audience/Possible Formats

This seminar is effectively delivered in churches, corporations, and leadership forums. It is a 7-8 hour seminar that can be facilitated in ONE DAY, or ONE EVENING and a HALF DAY. In addition to the seminar, Brian can deliver a 1 hour keynote In the workshop environment, we go much deeper into the content, and allow for more process oriented engagement.

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