#055: 10 Ways That God Speaks To Us [Podcast]



Can You Hear Me Now? – 10 Ways That God Speaks To Us

For several weeks I have been sharing on our Monday Mastery about Relating With God as Father. In our last episode, I shared with you on How To Hear and Follow His Voice. Why is this so important? Why is this such a focus of mine right now? How does this affect my life, business, marriage, family? These principles are currently in the process of changing HOW I do life I am making it my business not only to INCLUDE Him in my day to day life, but to make Him the managing partner in it! How do we do this? 

ON todays program, I want to share with you ‘10 Ways That God Speaks to Us, and How It Can Make All The Difference in Your Life’

Special Edition: Conquering the Fear of Failure and Risk [Podcast]




This week we look back again at another of our Monday Mastery segments. These are focused 3-7 minute teaching on one subject to encourage you to become all God is calling you to be. In this episode, we are talking about ‘The Fear of Failure and Risk’.

#054: Learning To Hear and Follow Father’s Voice [Podcast]


Brian Holmes Learning to Hear

Are you hearing voices? Well there’s one voice you need to be listening for…

We find ourselves in a season right now where God is inviting us to LEARN what it means to be LED by the Spirit; to follow hard after Him; to trust His leadership; and to HEAR His voice. One of the challenges we face as 21st century Christian’s is that somewhere along the way, our reliance factor changed over from relying on HIM, and we have become more self-reliant. The truth is that APART from Him we can do nothing. So, more than ever before, it is imperative that we re-up our commitment and dedication to pursuing Him, learn how to hear His voice, and follow His leadership

On todays program, I want to share with you 7 KEYS that will move you forward in mastering the Art of Hearing God’s Voice and being led by Him.

#053: Let Your Yes Be Yes! – How To Go All In [Podcast]


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Today’s episode is a little more challenging than usual… are you ready?

God has put dreams into your heart He wants you to achieve. He has brought relationships into your life for your growth and encouragement to help you achieve those dreams. BUT if you don’t take action you can miss all that God has in store for you.

Are you someone who says “yes” to lots of things but has trouble following through? Are you going back and forth on making an important decision in life – and because of fear and doubt you refuse to take action? If so than you need to hear the loving challenge from God Himself – Go All In! That’s right. God is looking to bless those who will not only say “yes” but will take action because of that “yes” Today we are talking about commitment and what it means to say “yes” to all God has in store for you.