#059: 7 Truths You Must Face If You Want To Make A Change [Podcast]


Truths You Must Face If You Want to Make a Change

A few questions

Are you overweight? Are you miserable in your current job/career situation? Do you keep repeating the same patterns in life? Do you want to make more money? Do you feel you have more to offer this world? Are you tired of where you are living? Are you yearning for new, life giving relationships?

Are you tired of the SAME OLD, SAME OLD? Sounds like you make be ready for some CHANGE!!!

On today’s program, I want to share with you ‘7 Truths You Must Face If You Want To Make A Change

#058: 7 Things That Will Separate You From The Crowd [Podcast]


Brian Holmes 7 Things

One of my most desired things is to live my life ABOVE AVERAGE

I believe with every fiber of my being that I am born to be great, and to be great only requires that I choose not to be average and ordinary. It is EASY to go with the flow. It is comfortable to compare ourselves against everyone else, making sure that we ‘MEASURE UP’ to what the world expects of us. It requires no real effort to maintain the status quo, or to fit in with those who follow the mundane masses into the deep doldrums of a more meaningless

But, what if I am created for MORE? What if you and I are destined to be in that small minority of people who RISE ABOVE the crowd just enough to lead, to influence, to affect change? What will it take? How do we do that?

ON today’s program, I want to share with you ‘7 Things That Will Separate You From The Crowd’

#057: The Ties That Bind Story…My Personal Journey To Healing [Podcast]


Brian's Journey The Ties That Bind

I am often asked, how did the Ties That Bind come to be?

Others want to know my personal story; what makes me an authority on the process of healing I so often talk about. Well, like many others, I have a story to tell It’s my story… a true story Before this story began; before I needed healing; before I came to a crisis place in my own life; before God met me in the most unlikely place in 2000, HE had already determined that my DESTINY would be uniquely shaped by my experience and my life’s testimony.

Today on this podcast, I want to share with you a recent opportunity I had to share my story. Not only will you hear about my life, but you will hear how God revealed to us the truths and the life of God we found in ‘The Ties That Bind

#056: Passionate Leadership That Produces Results [Podcast]


Brian Results Wide

Passionate Leadership That Produces Results

I am excited today to share with you some thoughts on Becoming A Passionate Leader. You may or may not fancy yourself a ‘leader’, but the truth is, everyone of us are created by God to LEAD our generation in some way or form. We talk often on this program about BECOMING or BEING. We also refer to DEVELOPING LEADERS. What do we mean by this? I will tell you. I believe that every man and woman born to time has been placed in the earth to govern, to rule, to INFLUENCE, and to affect change. The Bible tells us that we are SALT and LIGHT. John Maxwell says … “Leaders Lead”. Today, I want to challenge you to pursue becoming a PASSIONATE LEADER; one who knows who they are, and is functioning from a place of grace and strength; one that gets results in everything you put your heart and hands to.

ON today’s program, I want to share with you ‘Passionate Leadership That Produces Results