Monday Mastery: The Desires of Your Heart – Part 4

Welcome to ‘Monday Mastery’ with Brian Holmes! Each Monday morning, we provide you a video segment that is designed to encourage, motivate, challenge, and develop you as a leader and influencer. In this segment, Brian continues his series on ‘The Desires of Your Heart’. The father wants to ADD good things in your life. What does God want you to want?

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Special Feature: Five Bad Habits That Will Wreck You Life – by Ray Edwards

One of my dear friends, Ray Edwards, recently shared a podcast called, “Five Bad Habits That Will Wreck Your Life”. Ray has a unique way of speaking the truth and moving people to action. I asked Ray if I could share this with our audience, and as always, he was gracious to give us permission to do so.


I found this to be SO helpful and timely that I decided to post this in lieu of our normal weekly Strategic Living Podcast episode. I trust you will enjoy this, and that it will challenge you to evaluate your own life, and make meaningful changes that make a difference.