#006: Walking In Possibility – An Interview With Shuronda Scott (Part 1)


Walking In Possibility: An Interview With Shuronda Scott | Strategic Living Podcast Ep #006

In this episode, we are talking about ‘Dreams, Possibilities, and the Promise of Hope”. 

It is our joy to bring you our very first interview on the Strategic Living Podcast. My guest is Shuronda Scott. She is a speaker, an author, and a Certified Coach, and brings to the table a spectrum of expertise and experience that is sure to be a blessing to you.  This is PART 1 of our interview. Part 2 will be made available next week in Episode #7.

Shuronda Scott’s Bio:

shurondaShuronda Scott is known as the Possibilities Coach. As an author, speaker and life coach, she combines over 25 years of corporate and ministry background experience in helping others recognize possibilities (within) and opportunities (without). Strategic and intuitive in her coaching, she is adept at taking personal and leadership development to the next level.

For over fifteen years, Shuronda served on the staff of a large multi-campus church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in various ministry roles including Director of Biblical Counseling and Women’s Leadership Development Director. She also has over fifteen years of corporate experience as a trainer and consultant.

No matter what her role, Shuronda is passionate about helping others realize the fullness of their dreams. In her recently released book, A Pocketful of Possibilities: Impossible Dreams, Made Possible, she shares how to remove the ashes that limit your potential and how to create your own roadmap of possibilities to take your dreams of the wait today!

She is also the founder of DreamCovery Ministries Intensive Weekend Encounters which helps individuals reconnect their dreams to their destiny. In addition to her speaking and ministry platform, she is a business owner who influences in many realms. She has been highly endorsed by pastors, business executives and community leaders alike.

For more information on her coaching or ministry or to schedule her to speak at your next event, visit her at www.walkinginpossibility.com

The Book

PocketfulA Pocketful of Possibilities: Impossible Dreams, Made Possible 

We all have incredible dreams that God wants to fulfill. Maybe you have yet to see your dream come to pass. Maybe you stand at a crossroads and you feel your dream is dead. Don’t give up. In her book, A Pocketful of Possibilities, Shuronda shows us that our dreams are never discarded…they are only refined to bring God glory. Discover for yourself the amazing pocketful of possibilities God has for you to live in today!

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Next Week

Next week, we will be bringing to you PART 2 of my interview with Shuronda Scott. We will continue our conversation about  ‘Dreams, Possibilities, and the Promise of Hope”. You will NOT want to miss this episode.

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I trust that something we’ve shared today has challenged you to pursue God’s very best for your life, be healed from the past, be transformed in your mind and heart, and be activated to fulfill your unique purpose and destiny.

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